Monday, June 06, 2011

Denny Burk on the NIV2011

Denny Burk has become the voice of the Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood on translation. Here is his latest critique.

I find it fascinating that he writes,
The new NIV adopts feminist translations of key verses
He then proceeds to cite 1 Tim. 2:12 and Romans 16:7. And yet the NIV 2011 follows in the tradition of Calvin's commentary and the King James version in these two verses. Here is Calvin,
Salutate Andronicum et Juniam, cognatos meos et cocaptivos meos, qui sunt insignes inter Apostolos, qui etiam ante me fuerunt in Christo. Romans 16:7

Docere autem muliere non permitto, neque auctoritatem sibi sumere in virum, sed quietam esse. 1 Tim. 2:12
To tell you the truth, I am not sure why Denny Burk does not compare the wording of the NIV 2011 with the King James Bible, Luther's Bible and Calvin's Latin translation. He would see that Luther did not hesitate to translate the word used for "human being" in Greek with a word used for "human being" in German. I see no reason why such instances in English find themselves in Wayne Grudem's list of "inaccuracies."

Denny also claims that the generic "he" pronoun is understood today. That may be so, but here I have listed those preachers who did not understand that the masculine pronoun in English does not translate a semantically masculine pronoun in Greek, notably Russell Moore, who wrote,
Male headship is strictly defined in Scripture as the opposite of a grasp for power. The headship of men in the church and home is rooted everywhere in Scripture in protection and provision. This is why the apostle Paul calls the man who will not provide for his family "worse than an unbeliever" (1 Tim 5:8 ESV).
In fact, this passage contains no reference to a "man" or to an implied "he" at all. I have been thinking that this verse has been reinterpreted to fill a felt need. Certain complementarians may have felt that there ought to be a verse in the Bible which states that the man is the provider, and so this verse has been brought in the fill the gap.

I don't want to be unkind to Denny's review, but I do wish that the CBMW would be open to review.


G said...

I also wish that the CBMW would be open to review. Perhaps they are not willing to allow the differing opinions and arguments on their site for fear that it might make their arguments look weaker.

nothingman said...

Why is it that Southern Baptists have it out for the updated NIV (and previously the TNIV)? Oh yeah, they own their own translation: Holman Christian Standard Bible.

John Notestein said...

Denny and the CBMW have their own agenda. Don't let the facts get in their way. They always talk about the NIV but I never hear about other translations that translate the same way.

Retha said...

Speaking about not letting the facts get in the way, they not only translate maleness into 1Ti 5:8. they completely forget to mention 1Ti 5:16. It is also about providing for your family, but directly mention the woman as provider.

Anonymous said...

I have tried for about 4 years to have conversations on various topics on Denny's page. I either get attacked by one of his cronies, or he responds to me directly but in a way that makes little of my argument and makes it look silly....or, when I ask him a direct, difficult question, he doesn't respond at all.

I still subscribe to his page via my google/reader, but, honestly, after all these years, my view is that he refuses to look at the evidence that is contrary to his pre-established opinion.

I DON'T accuse all CBMW folks of that, but he is definitely doing that. And it's just wasting my time to try to converse over there. Nevertheless, I am glad that I occasionally see your voice over there. Thanks for being thoughtful and amazing.

Tom 1st.