Monday, February 18, 2008

Who can you disagree with?

Here is a snippet from the debate at CARM.

Grudem sent P.G.W. Glare a copy of his 1990 article on kephale. In reply, the editor says “I am in broad agreement with your conclusions... Kephale is the word normally used to translate the Hebrew r'osh,
It is the editor of the LSJ that Metacrock now disagrees with. “The very editor of the LJS makes the claim that Kephale is the word normally used to translate the Hebrew r'osh.”

Let me just add that it doesn't matter who Glare is. Kephale is not the word normally used to translate r'osh, when r'osh is used in a figurative sense. But that's a fine point.

Gordon Fee says in his book on First Corinthians (pg. 502 & 503)

“Indeed, the metaphorical use of kephale to mean “chief” or “person of the highest rank” is rare in Greek literature------so much so that even though the Hebrew word “ros” often carried this sense, the Greek translators of the LXX, who ordinarily used kephale to translate ros when the physical head was intended, almost never did so when “ruler” was intended, thus indicating that this metaphorical sense is an exceptional usage and not part of the ordinary range of meaning for the Greek word. “

Out of 180 times that r'osh reference to a person, kephale was only used a few times. Maybe Glare was unaware of this. Who knows?

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Gem said...

Leads one to wonder what motivates such a cover up or denial of TRUTH. Don't they realize that TRUTH will set them free? TRUTH will not just free women, but men too... Paradoxically
"whoever wishes to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake, he is the one who will save it." Luke 9:24

Phil 2:5 and context:
Have this mind...
Have this attitude...
among yourselves
I don't understand why (some) men are so very afraid to submit?