Thursday, October 09, 2008

Abducted by aliens?

There is an odd rumour around that I was abducted a while back.

Sometimes, like in the case of people like Suzanne E. McCarthy, they seem to drop off the face of the planet and you never hear from them again. Even their Blogs are inactive.

Since indeed Suzanne's went inactive after she was talking about Myanmar, it must be allowed that it is technically possible that militant Burmese abducted her from her home in Vancouver, though under the theory of the "when you hear hoof beats except horses not zebras" theory of forming conclusions, such possibilities rarely deserve the kind of attention that the first half of this very sentence, in its own reckless and self-serving way, has chosen to do.


J. K. Gayle said...

Funny. There's something to say for seasons and privacy about one's whereabouts and such. Of course, many of us are eager to read what you write whenever you post; and we're happy when you visit our blogs as well.
(But perhaps these aliens of his will understand Mike's rambling one-sentence paragraph.)

David Ker said...

How do we know that it's really you writing this post?!? Sadly, some folks don't understand the concept of someone "getting a life" and becoming a more balanced blogger. I understand it in theory if not in practice!