Sunday, October 19, 2008

Updating my Blogroll

I have updated my blogroll to add a set of blogs about women in the church. I know I won't be able to post on this topic forever, but I want to stay connected to the issue. I have already moved through several stages of dealing with this issue.

The first stage was intellectual in a fairly naive sort of way. I read and checked out studies on topics like Junia, kephale, and authentein. It took a lot of work to duplicate the research and check out every last reference in Greek, but that is basically what I did. I found that parts of these studies were represented in ways that were not exactly faithful to the data and I naively thought that others would want to know this. A few people were happy to read about this, but for the most part, anyone convinced of male headship over women, just shrugged off the thought of further evidence. They did not need it.

The second stage was to express my anger at the fact that it is even legal to allow a woman to vow to obey her husband. I would like to be able to do something legally to change that. However, my pragmatic self protests.

The third stage was the belief in being able to logically argue that male authority over the female is intrinsically wrong. That too has failed. People are not interested in logic.

Now, all I can think of is to keep connected to others who have the same concerns as myself and make information available as I see it, and read what others are writing. Therefore, I have finally edited my blogroll.

Some of my other links are a random collection of friends I have met on the internet and the others are about women. I have tried to include most people who comment here, although some readers of this blog are on the BBB blogroll and I have not added them here. I consider the BBB blogroll to be mine as well. Some people I have simply missed because I am not very organized.

I know it might seem funny that someone with a blog called Abecedaria would not put her blogroll in alphabetical order, but there it is. Sometimes, I just simply prefer the random pile. I resist order. I do not want to put the list in order. I have a deep resistance to order. I don't want someone else to put me in order and I don't want to put myself in order. That is just the way I feel sometimes.

In a meeting at school the other day we were talking about a student who has a reading disability and also has a bad attitude about school. The administrator tried unsuccessfully to give him a pep talk. "He is basically anti school," he said. "That's okay," I said. "I'll talk to him. I am anti school too."


Paula said...

Thanks Suzanne! You know you're somebody when you make a blogroll. :-)

Lin said...

I am anti-school, too. :o) I know exactly what you mean!

Your studies in the area of understanding certain Greek words in scripture have been very valuable to many of us. I cannot thank you enough.

Molly Aley said...

Thanks, Susan, for compiling that nice list. I enjoy most of those blogs, but there are some new ones on there that will be fun to peek at.

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