Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Introducing myself

As you can read in a command at a previous post, Suzanne asked me to introduce myself. Suzanne, thanks for the invitation!

I am from The Netherlands and I live in the beautiful town of Dordrecht (in 1618/1619 the Synod of Dordt was held here). Nowadays I work as a electronic designer/programmer. In the 90's my wife and I were officer (pastor) at the Salvation Army. I am still involved in some voluteer work; from time to time we lead a church service in a service center for homeless people on sunday afternoons. Nowadays we attend an evangelical church.

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Anonymous said...

Ruud! :) Glad to see you blogging here.
Suzanne, thanks for adding him to your post list.

J. P. van de Giessen said...

Ruud welkom bij het team van Nederlandse bloggers of moet ik zeggen dat je nu "een van de hoofdmannen bent onder de zusters".

Ruud Vermeij said...

Thanks for all welcome.

Laat dat hoofd maar weg :-)