Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Play

Robin Hood stopped by after school today to tell me that since he has moved on to high school he has learned to read proficiently. There are always those times when a teacher wonders. Reading is not predetermined consequence of school attendance.

Two years ago I recognized that my class of nonreaders was otherwise gifted. We simply put down the books, got out an illustrated comic of Robin Hood, turned it into a script and performed the play. After many rowdy stick fights, falling off logs and generally bumbling into each other, rubber-tipped arrows flying through the air and other chaos, they gathered in a circle and pranced around to the music of Riverdance, celebrating the marriage of Robin and Marion.

If anyone asks why some of us teachers love to collect all the students that don't fit into a regular class, the answer is because these children are so talented. (Clicking through these pictures this afternoon reminiscing, I realized that there is no orthodox picture of me on the web.)

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Ruud Vermeij said...

Nice picture.
So I suppose it's the unorthodox you in the middle?

Suzanne McCarthy said...

This is now my orthodox self. A woman teacher. There is an unorthodox picture of me here.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

In the movie the girl dresses as a young man and stands up in the university in Italy in the 1700's and defends women's rights. So in spite of the title it is a movie about women's rights.

The picture of me comes from performing in a skit at Bible School in Switzerland.

God's Woman said...

I just saw Casanova and agree with you on all points. More unorthodox teachers, please!