Saturday, June 03, 2006

Blogdrift, comments and technicalities

I have now drifted considerably from my original intentions on this blog. My posts have varied from argumentation to narrative. The narrative posts have helped me explore my identity as a Christian woman, a former Plymouth Brethren, and a Canadian.

I have emailed some of the posts about women to members of my family and they have enjoyed them. However, when I did this I felt that I needed to hide the comments on that post since these stories are personal and family stories. I beg forgivness of those who may have found their comments hidden. However, some of these stories need to be read by themselves. Since I wish to use these stories over again, I thought that I would occasionally, after a week or two, hide the comments on those few more personal posts. That does not lessen the appreciation that I have for the comments. Thank you.

I need to remark on a couple of housekeeping matters. I am aware that the 'search this blog' function does not work on my blog and I have not got around to fixing it. I have also not organized my posts into categories. I hope to look into this soon.

I plan to break off for the summer in the next few days.

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