Saturday, June 03, 2006

Speaker of truth

I have added a few more blogs to my sidebar, and taken a few out - they weren't actually blogs anyway. I missed that when I added them. Hmm.

Peter Kirk has posted on his blog Speaker of Truth commenting on a post at the New Attitude blog. Peter's post is called, "The Father killed the Son": the offence of the Gospel? I was surprised to read the New Attitude post and Mahaney's sermon - it seems to extrapolate from scripture into areas that God has chosen not to reveal, so I am glad to see Peter respond to this post.

I have also added Lingamish, which means linguist and missionary. And True Grit, a woman's blog that has also been following the egalitarian/complementarian debate.

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Peter Kirk said...

Thanks for the plug and the link! I have a link to this blog, and will probably find an opportunity to mention it in a future posting.

I rather expected someone to try to defend Mahaney's statement, but I haven't seen anything yet. But then I haven't been watching the blogosphere today, too busy with other things.