Monday, December 17, 2007

Challies on public education

Here is an excerpt from Tim Challies' post on public education.
    And from there I think we will see as well that the downfall of the public education system becomes almost a self-fulfilling prophecy. When I look at the examples Dr. Mohler provides—examples of all kinds of ugly things that happen in the public schools, I realize that things in Canada do not seem so bad. Canada is a very liberal nation and, by rights, it should be in worse shape than in America. Yet I do not see that this is the case. Yes, there are occasional stories that strike fear in this parent’s heart, but it seems that our education system is less corrupt than that of our neighbors to the south. And I can’t help but wonder if this owes to the fact that fewer Canadian Christians have exited the public schools.

    While the homeschool movement, following the American trend, is beginning to catch on in Canada, and while it seems that homeschooling is fast becoming the favored or even the default option for conservative Christians, this is largely a recent development. With Christian schools notoriously underfunded and overpriced, and with homeschooling not an option many believers have even considered, most Canadian Christians have kept their children in public schools. They have maintained their voice and their influence. When all the Christians leave, we would expect the schools to decline. And perhaps this is what we are seeing in the United States. Perhaps Christians are inadvertently contributing to the decline.
I am not sure that I agree with everything Tim says here but overall he gives a fair assessment of Canadian Christian's attitude to public education. I know that Canada may be seen as a very liberal country, and this is something I am proud of. We don't fund a plethora of Christian schools here in Canada, although there are some very contentious politics behind this. I am not sure if Challies reasons are accurate, but certainly there is a broad acceptance of state run schools.

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Anonymous said...

IT's so true. All growing up, I heard how "liberal" Canada was getting, how bad it was going to be for them...but it's looking pretty good, seems to me! lol...