Saturday, December 22, 2007

Links 07-12-22

I don't have time to write anything much but I want to thank those who have written or recommended great posts, great sites and great books.

Husbands and Wives are as Gardener and Soil (and should LIKE it)
Thank you, Molly, for writing a post that so well expresses the extraordinary pain of female subordination. It is a balm to my soul and a further step towards release to read what someone else has written on this topic.

Silent Night, Lonely Night Thank you, Carolyn, for giving voice to those of us who are lonely at Christmas.

Faith Dance Thank you, Jadon, for recommending this exceptional website on cross gender friendship.

John, thank you for writing What I learned about gender while excavating at Tell Qarqur Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3

Thank you to my colleague, Dale, who gave me Volkswagen Blues to read over the holidays.

Well, you can see how wrapped up I am in Christmas (not). It is happening in our house, and, as always, is a festival of foliage and lights. We trim and gather armfuls of cedar, fir, spruce, holly, ivy, juniper and laurel, and hang it from everywhere. I have little white nails above the white trim just below the ceiling. So, up go the branches and then the strings of white lights. When the fire and candles are also lit there is no need for lamps.

I know some people complain about the commercialization of Christmas. I remove myself so far from that scene I lose awareness of it and simply wonder what people are talking about. There is a little snow on the ground so I will walk in the deep woods with the dog, and maybe cook some cranberry sauce tonight.


Dan Brennan said...

Thanks for the the link and the support, Suzanne.

Anonymous said...

I understand about being so far removed from the comercialization scene that you are hardly aware of it. I had to go to a meeting in the next city last week and was caught off guard by the traffic--it never occurred to me that, being the week before Christmas, hordes of people were out shopping.

Your cedarful house lit by the fire and Christmas lights sounds lovely.

Thanks for the recommendations on good reads.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you, Suzanne!!!