Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Dear Molly, guess what

you are still a homeschooling mom. Just because the children also go to school does not mean that you are not a homeschooling mom. Maybe you don't want to hear this, but the kids will always need to be read to - they will need help with homework and projects, music lessons or sports. They will still require an awful lot of time, but that time will shift from morning to evening.

I know some homeschooling moms and just on purely anecdotal evidence, I think my relationship with my kids is as close and loving and cuddly and healthy as anyone else's. Your children will need to be fed and hugged and bandaided and rocked, for ever.

And don't anyone take me to the woodshed for not letting my kids leave home. They have more experience under their belts than I would want for most people in a lifetime.


Anonymous said...


Love ya, woman.

Lin said...

Good points, Sue. I have a child in private school. One can always help out at the school, too. Since I have certification and sub a lot, I would take days off and go help the teacher. It is nice to have someone even take them to recess for you to get a break. When they are young, they love seeing mom at school helping out. And small private schools love the help!