Friday, December 26, 2008

Still Snowing

It has been snowing here for about a week and half which is almost unheard of. I gave up trying to drive a few days ago. Here are a few oddities that have turned up on the web and I would really appreciate someone telling me if you think they are tongue in cheek spoofs or Christian rap bondage scenarios. Oops I meant servitude scenarios. They are truly bizarre. What do you think?

Complementarian Hip Hop HT Role Calling

All Things are Better in Koine

As a mood lifter you might want to watch this. Also via Role Calling.

And if you still want to laugh try this, thanks to Rachel and read Dave Walker's blog or We blog cartoons.

And I am going to settle in to read Saturnalia by Lindsey Davis. Great holiday reading about the wonderful couple Falco and Helena. Okay, this is from a series of novels and very funny but they are based on the real love of the author and her husband. Its a good time to celebrate love and friendship and I can think of no better way to do this than read about humourous adventures of Falco and Helena.

1 comment:

believer333 said...

The comp hip hop was sad, and I'm pretty sure that reflects the male priority view in many comp thinking.

Loved the dog house though. :o)