Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mary Robinson on the subjugation of women

I feel that Mary Robinson speaks in a more authentic way to the circumstances of women. While Carter tries to confront issues relating to the authority of the scripture, Robinson simply explains that male religious leaders must take part in creating euality for women within the religious framework.

I noticed that Carter mentioned both the Southern Baptists and the Catholics. I would guess that he speaks so confidently about Catholicism as a locus of subjugation for women because of his interaction with Mary Robinson.

Many may think that it is only a church which self-identifies as patriarchal that subjugates women. However, many women are now identifying the complementarians dictate that while men have authority, women have submission, as a locus of subjugation for women. See Submission Tyranny and Women in Ministry.


Donald Johnson said...

This seemed like the best place among recent posts, but I think Suzanne should check out Philip Payne's new book; Man and Woman, One in Christ. He is egal and he is very insightful, showing time and again how various non-egals distorted things including what other experts wrote them. He writes in detail about the various texts that may help understand authentein, which I have seen you investigate yourself.

Do not miss this.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thank you, Don. I had heard of the book and read some of his articles. Thanks for reminding me to get it.