Sunday, December 20, 2009

Universalism in Luke 2:14

John has a collection of posts on Luke 2:14 and now the discussion developing there and on the BBB is about whether peace on earth was intended for all (hu)mankind or only for those people who please God (or some such thing).

Universalism seems to be the topic of the moment and Scot McKnight is going to start a series on The Evangelical Universalist soon. David Congdon blogs about Christocentric Missional Universalism. HT Chris Tilling.


J. L. Watts said...

I think it is telling, Sue, that the early Christian writers considered Christian universalism as something which could be a part of orthodoxy.

Unlike other issues which they debated, rarely, for a while, was the issue of universalism discussed.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Yes, I find that very interesting. It is not how I was raised. :-)