Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Bible updates

There is a good letter from Stan Gundry about the Colorado Springs Guidelines, the TNIV and a few other things on the BBB.

Also recently the Re:Greek (Zhubert) site was taken down.

In breaking news it appears that this site has received a similar warning and may have to close soon. Some images have been saved here. The problem with this playmobil site is that the figures were tampered with. However, this playmobil theology site is still available. HT Gentle Wisdom


Peter Kirk said...

Since when have people who sell things been able to claim the right to forbid others from taking pictures of them? The most that Playmobil can reasonably request is for their name to be removed from the site.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

The problem is that they have morphed the figures by melting them and reshaping them.