Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mighty Men: South Africa

I remember one of the American theologians on radio, storming over how the TNIV had removed the term "mighty men" from the Old Testament, and replaced it with "warriors," a gender neutral term to be sure.

But now I see the popularity of the Mighty Men movement, conference this weekend, in South Africa. Here is an article which elaborates on some of the difficulties with the ministry of Angus Buchan. Links are provided to this statement of Buchan's,

“God gave me a directive to turn fathers back to sons and sons back to fathers, to take back the family unit.”

Although he has been asked why there was no conference for women, he said his directive had been to challenge men to stand up and be counted: “To be prophet, priest and king. They must be the breadwinners, protect their wives and discipline their children.”

Here we can read the new term for these men, the Buchan Men. Apparently 200,000 of them. That is some potatoes.

Thanks to Jane for letting me know about this.


Alastair said...

Read the article you linked to, not sure what your beef is here. Sounds like the guy writing that article is not a Christian, so his critique is pretty meaningless. I mean, one of his main objections is that Angus Buchan believes in prayer. As for homosexuality being "cured", I admit the language is insensitive, but I am aware of testimonies of Christ having transformed someone from homosexuality to 100% heterosexuality with (apparently) no remaining desires for the former. So apart from his old-school conservative language, I don't see what the big deal is.

Suzanne McCarthy said...


You must know that I am not in favour of those who teach that men are `prophet, priest and king.` Its no more complicated than that.

Alastair said...

Susan, I didn't actually know that! Thanks for clarifying.