Wednesday, April 22, 2009

This and that

The last time I wrote a long series of posts on Junia or whatever, I had just had my wisdom teeth pulled. This time I have strep throat. So, just sit and write. This image is not exactly my afghan but I bought one very much like it two years ago, and crawl under when I have to. Like now.

Here are some good thoughts that are not on Junia.

CD has a several posts on some rather interesting Bibles. Snoop around his site for some more. El Shaddai has written about a female Pharoah.

Kurk and Bob have written about Afghanistan here and here. Here is another one that is heartbreaking. Back under the afghan. Wayne Leman has posted a new article on compegal that is worth reading.

It is very seldom that I ever eat something entirely new created in my own kitchen, but this afternoon my daughter brought me a choc. chip cookie, made with white choc chips, toasted walnuts, and small cubes of cut up apple. (I really don't like regular dark choc chip.) Those cookies were amazing. They are all gone now (I say wistfully.) Whisked out of the house for the nourishment of some lucky group of buddies.


Jane said...

hope you feel better soon - sorry I'm no good at making cookies!

Greg Anderson said...

Wow! Whoever made that afghan quilt has gotta be the Van Gogh of afghaning.

The colors jump right out at you!

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Its a very traditional afghan. When I was little my grandmother had one just like it that I used to love for my afternoon nap. Two years ago I saw one just like this in a craft shop and I knew I had to have it.