Thursday, July 03, 2008

Authenteo: Resources

In this article by Dr. Kostenberger he writes, page 13,
    41These two references are: Philodemus (1st cent. BCE): “Ought we not to consider that men who incur the enmity of those in authority (συν αυθεντουσιν) are villains, and hated by both gods and men”;

    and BGU 1208 (27 BCE): “I exercised authority (Καμου αυθεντηκοτος) over him, and he consented to provide for Calatytis the Boatman on terms of full fare, within the hour.” For full Greek texts and translations, see Baldwin, “Appendix 2” in Women in the Church, 275–76. (in the PDF page 13)
Here are the two references,

BGU 1208

My argument is that these two texts are not suitable evidence and that we need to go with later evidence that says that authenteo means to rule as a master over a slave; or as God, Christ, the Spirit, a planet or later the pope rules. I argue that it is something which no one should do in church leadership in the NT scriptures.

I am unfamiliar with commentaries but those articles and books which support the point of view that authenteo in 1 Tim. 2:12 has a negative sense (providing evidence) are, to my knowledge, the following,

Linda Belleville a summary
Linda Belleville b Exegetical Fallacies
Linda Belleville c Discovering Biblical Equality
Ben Witherington First and Second Letters to Timothy

Please read these first and then discuss. I regret that these are so limited. There are many more, but I do my own research from primary materials most of the time, so I don't know who else to recommend.

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