Saturday, July 26, 2008

The circumcision of Lancelot

This is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Under Much Grace is an anti-patriarchy blog. Cindy saw this book written by one of the patriarchs of Vision Forum and she recognized the picture, with just this one difference. Lancelot should be kneeling before his queen with the blade of the sword lying flat on his shoulder.

However, the patriarchal author of this book altered the picture so Lancelot is standing. The sword falls now in the wrong place. Ouch.

See the original and unaltered image on Cindy's blog.


Don said...

I guess they did not think they would be found out. Or perhaps they think rearranging things into their own PC way is no big deal.

Anonymous said...

Very sad. Reminds me of the "Toddler's Property Rights" I learn about when my children were, uhm, toddlers.
-What's mine is mine.
-What's yours is mine.
-Whatever is mine must never ever appear to be yours.
(There's several more, but these illustrate my point best)

With these patriarchist it's
-The man is always the boss.
-The woman is never the boss.
-The woman must never ever appear to be the boss.

And in the case of this picture, it is better for the woman to appear to be preoccupied with the male private area than to ever hint that she might be in some sort of authority position.

believer333 said...

LOL I think they were trying to make it look like she was putting her hand in his. But for those of us who have seen the picture before, as have I, it really comes off totally strange as you've pointed out. Its amazing really that they never thought they'd be found out.

Lin said...

The title of this post is hysterical considing the point Doug Phillips was really trying to make in reworking art history.

believer333 said...

You know, I would venture a guess that one thing they could not handle about the actual picture is that Lancelot was bowing his head as WELL as on his knees to the woman. Patriarchist men flinch at giving women true honor.

Alaska said...

The revisionist art is only a drop in the bucket when it comes to the revisionist history going on over at Vision Forum...