Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Links on Spousal Abuse

I will be adding a few new links on Bruce Ware's sermon here. I will only be picking a few useful responses. Here is the original sermon.

Religion Dispatches
World according to Bruce
Real Liberal Christian Church
Snopes This thread has a particularly fascinating commentary on the early church including pictures of Paul and Theoklia. I recommend also going back to page one and reading the entire thread. It is great to see such balanced and informed voices.
Faith Trust Institute


Matthew Celestine said...

Ware's comments on domestic violence are just plain shocking.

Suzanne McCarthy said...


I am no longer a fundamentalist but I must say that the old fundie doctrines I experienced were nothing like this new "complementarianism." It needs to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

Bruce says in the link to his blog:

"If the fruit is bad it is evident we don’t have the teaching correct."

This is a hard one. Most often, this abuse is hidden for many years in couples at church. The wife goes along for many reasons..fear of husband, fear of losing status, embarassment, does not think she will be believed and even pride is a factor in some instances.

Nothing has amazed me more than to find that someone who has been looked up to for years as a Christian role model is not one at all. Ted Haggard is an example of this. (Not as a wife abuser but as living a lie and showing us how easy it is to do for a leader)

We need to ask ourselves what is it about church that people, even leaders, feel so free to live a lie?

This issue goes beyond wife abuse and into sexual predators in leadership which the SBC are now finding is a huge problem in their denomination.

And this teaching goes a long way to hide this behavior giving men authority over others.

My friend, Christa, has been compiling this information for years as a survivor of abuse from her youth minister.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you can add Christ's blog to your list:

As she talks about Ware's teaching, too, and what it leads to. She ought to know...she lived it.