Thursday, July 01, 2010

Another June Wedding

It was a gorgeous wedding, very relaxed and fun. My son and his sweetheart were married down by the beach. There were no prepared speeches but we did have an open mike session. As you can see, it was very lively!

Charis has posted pictures of her daughters wedding, so I thought I would share.


Charis said...


For you, it was a son. For me, a daughter. Sue, it was such an emotional experience for me! My daughter had a very traditional wedding. I sat and looked on while my husband answered "her mother and I do" to the traditional "Who gives this woman to be married?" I was sooooo tempted the day after to call up my new son-in-law and exhort him that I have NOT given away my daughter! She is still and will always be my daughter and I want him to treat her right!

I bit my tongue. She was attracted to him for his kind character and I trust her judgment.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thanks Charis,

This was a very traditional wedding in many ways, but the words "Who gives this woman ...." were omitted on the request of the mother of the bride. Nobody seemed to miss it.

Charis said...

Next wedding I will be making the same request. It took me off guard and gave me unwanted regrets and sadness. My younger daughter who married last summer changed up the ceremony to take out the patriarchal stuff. (This older daughter had already moved out of the house when the worst of the recent abuses were happening so she isn't very sensitive about the potential implications of badly formulated words/theology)

Nevertheless, it was a beautiful ceremony because the character of both shone through. They are a powerful couple.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

There was a little bit of stuff that seemed patriarchal in this wedding as well. However, the kids don't seem aware of it, and I wouldn't bring it up. I think character is what matters. It sounds like they have that.