Sunday, July 04, 2010

Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

I have been having a marvelous time in the States the last ten days, and am really enjoying the warm hospitality south of the border. After a delicious desert of Cherry Garcia ice cream tonight and watching the fireworks, I happened on this video. It turns out this is what I have in common with Wayne Grudem - Cherry Garcia ice cream. Listen and enjoy. No negative comments, please. But you can wonder what will happen to little Hannah if you like, the Grudem's grandaughter, who wants to be a pastor.


Nathan Stitt said...

I love Cherry Garcia!

Mara Reid said...

I hope his grandaughter DOES become a pastor and turns his theological world upside down, like it needs to be.
And may he be positively effected.

Hey. I can dream.

NicodemusLegend said...

Am very curious to learn more about this granddaughter.

Don said...

I am praying for Grudem and Piper to repent from their masculinism.