Friday, July 23, 2010

Grudem's thoughts on male language

Here are a few thoughts on the masculine language of the ESV from its editor Wayne Grudem, who wrote The Gender Neutral Bible Controversy.
On one side stands feminism and egalitarianism, promoting its own way of salvation and distorting the truth, insisting that there should be no gender-based differences between status, prominence, or authority of one person and another. On the other side stands the teaching of the Bible that God affirms both the honor of all human beings and the God-ordained differences among them, including differences in men’s and women’s roles in marriage. page 144

“He” includes both men and women, but does so using a male example as a pictorial starting point. In a subtle way, this use brings along with it an unequal prominence to men and women page 145

Feminism replaces biblical honor with a misguided attempt to wipe out the differences in people with respect to prominence, order, leadership, and representation. page 147
Wayne Grudem could not be clearer if he tried. The difference between men and women is that women are not equal with men in status, prominence, authority, order, leadership and representation. It is the last item which is his concern in this book. Dr. Grudem believes that the use of the generic "he" and many other male terms, is part of the inspired word of God. He recognizes that the prominence given to men and women in the language of the ESV is unequal and he believes that this is the way it should be.

In fact, the ESV adds many male pronouns that are not in the Greek original. The ESV uses many male terms that were not used in the Bibles of the Reformation. The masculinization of the scriptures started in the 19th century and is taken to many lengths today.


Anonymous said...

Wayne Grudem and his patriarchal apologetics is the detritus of the last gasp of fearful men.

Mabel said...

Thank you Suzanne for putting these quotes together. Egalitarians believes in men and women being saved the same way, and that is "distorting the truth"? What is his truth? men are saved differently? more saved? Unequal prominence to men? He seems to know a different Jesus than I do. My Jesus said, " not so among you."