Wednesday, December 07, 2005


"My very dear Friend,

I do not know where you are, but I think you must imagine that I have bade an eternal farewell to every thing below, so long have I been in answering your letters."

So begins a typical letter from Lady Powerscourt.

I, on the other hand, have clicked the wrong button and have unintentionally put comments into some kind of internet oblivion. Could I ask for anyone who has made a comment to repeat that kindness and then wish me luck in finding where I have gone wrong.


crystal said...

Hi - I made a comment to one of your posts about Lady Powerscourt, mainly that I knew little of her, but had read a bit about her friend, John Nelson Darby and Dispensationalism/the Rapture. An interesting blog :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Crystal,

It may have been very hard on Theodosia Powerscourt to have her engagement with Darby broken off, especially since, as Peter mentionned in an earlier comment, there was a young Viscount, her stepson, who was by then coming of age.

In spite of my post I don't really think that hierarchy is a good model for viewing her relationships with men. I was really just trying out the *idea* of hierarchy since that is what Gerald proposed.

Thanks for reposting your comment.