Thursday, December 01, 2005


This blog exists to collect blogs and articles by or about women and the Bible, more specifically Bible translation. Somehow I have not so far been able to find a blog or site that collects Biblioblogs authored by woman. When I do this blog may become inactive.

While I am dedicated to knitting, sewing costumes, church hymns and the education of children among other so-called womanly pursuits (and, oh yes, pets and recipes!) I will not be filling my sidebar with these blogs for the foreseeable future. It doesn't mean that I don't read knitting blogs, but this is my place for the female authored Biblioblog.


Peter Kirk said...

Trying to remember what I commented here before:

Suzanne, this is a great blog, but I wonder why you are restricting it to articles "authored by woman"? It is not only women who write articles about the Bible sympathetic to women - and I don't think I am the only man who does so!

I hope you don't feel excluded from blogging about the Bible because you are a women. It is a little embarrassing that all the authors of Better Bibles Blog, to which I contribute, are currently male. But I am sure that Wayne, who owns that blog, would be happy to welcome female authors with something suitable to say.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

I am sorry to have been misunderstood. You and your friends at Better Bibles Blog have been an inspiration to me for some time. However, your blogroll seemed to me to be restricted to men. I don't mean that I thought it was deliberate, not at all. In general, I use the BBB blogroll or links in the posts as a portal into other Bible blogs. I just thought I would try to collect a few by women also and use the communal blogrolls for blogs by men.

There are also communal blogrolls for blogs by women in general but I too, along with some others, prefer a more focused style and keep separate topics in separate blogs.

In any case I never felt excluded because I have just started. I didn't even know there was discussion about the lack of women in this field until this week.

Peter Kirk said...

Thank you, Suzanne. At least I presume "anonymous" is you. (It would help you chose your own identity when posting comments.) I certainly don't want to stop Powerscourt and get you to post on Better Bibles Blog instead. I wish this blog all the best!