Thursday, December 15, 2005

Patchouli Ponderings

I have found the post of Patchouli Ponderings that I specifically wanted to link to. It is Venus Responds where she counters Sproul's article Off with the skirt, On with the pants. Frankly I am surprised that anyone could respond to the mixed metaphors offered by Sproul but PP has put her heart into it.

I have also had conversations which include some of what PP says. They go like this.

"What Biblical woman exactly should I take as an example?"
"Why is that?"
"Because she called her husband Lord."
"She did?"
"Yes, she did."
"Should I imitate her behaviour?"
"Well, no, one has to consider the circumstances."
"Is there anyone else?"
"Let me think."

On other issues, I have had to edit my sidebar. Now the Better Bibles Blog has a female author, myself, and I have posted there twice, on issues related to specific Bible translations. I received an email, unanswered, I apologize, but from someone I believe from a Brethren or classical fundamentalist background. This has in part contributed to my post about Brethren and the KJV. This post is a partial response to your email. Thanks.

I will continue to post here about women's issues on occasion, but I also have a strong interest in writing systems, manuscripts, Bible translation and Brethren history so who knows what I will post next.

I have just finished a first reading of Griechische Tachygraphie und Tironische Noten by Herbert Boge and an article by Yves Duhoux. My French is good but my German less so. I have had someone offer to help me out a bit with the German but I think that if I am truly interested in ancient shorthand, I have no choice but to try and improve by rudimentary German skills.

I hope this gives some idea of what a hopelessly unfocused blogger I really am.

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