Monday, September 21, 2009

Common English Bible

I guess I must have heard of this, but it didn't really register. The Common English Bible translation was started in 2008 and has its own wikipedia page. Here is a list of translators, among them a few I went to school with. Greg Bloomquist was in my first year Hebrew class.

I would love to see a sample of this. It sounds as if it will be about the same level of language as the NIV, and about a grade 7 yo 8 reading level. It is worth remembering that by some measures, the average adult reads at a grade 6 reading level.


Qohelet said...

I've read about it about a month ago, and I'm looking forward to samples of the text. It'll be a promising translation backed by mainline churches.

Scott W said...

In a few weeks a sample of the Common English Bible, the Gospel of Matthew will be released;and in mid-210 the entire NT will be read. This is what Joel Green, the NT says on his Facebook page. I am too looking forward to this translation, which has noted contributors from across the theological spectrum,across almost all Christian traditions, comprised of a fairly diverse group across gender and even ethnic/racial lines. This is the way Bible translation should be done!