Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It is not good for print to be alone

I think my readers will love this introduction to the PodBible. The translation used in the PodBible is the CEV.
    Disposing text on a page inevitably interprets it. So written bibles are good, but they are not good alone. It is not good for print to be alone. Enter PodBible.
The predominant voice is Kiwi - which may explain why I am wondering which book of the Bible is called Jerry Mayer. Help, anyone?


Peter Carrell said...

As, yes, Kiwi English, the pure remnant of Shakespeare, Dickens, and Waugh's English ... and in which "Jeremiah" is pronounced "Jerrymayer", not to be confused with the plumber down the road whose name sounds the same.

Kevin Knox said...

Jerry Mayer. Hilarious. :-)

I've been listening to "The Bible Experience" for about 4 months now. It's INCREDIBLE. I had no idea hearing the word could have such an impact on me, but it's working on me in several unexpected ways.

The most powerful might just be Moses. The Bible Experience is lightly dramatized, and the actor who plays Moses speaks slowly, softly and with hesitation - to Pharaoh, to God, to Israel. I've never heard Moses read as anything less than Zeusian in force an eloquence. I almost cried on the spot when I heard Moses and apologized out loud to him for never really understanding what it meant for the servant of the Lord to be human.

I recommend the experience to everyone.

The podbible videos were quite encouraging. Thanks for linking them.

Lynne said...

"Jerry Mayer"! Now you know why we Aussies hate to have our accents confused with Kiwis! Mind you, we also have problems with how Americans say Isaiah!!

And I agree, I bought my husband "the Bible Experience", and am very impressed. I have also stopped foolowing the text when the Bible is read in church (and only open it for the sermon)Hearing the word is definitely different from reading it.