Tuesday, September 01, 2009

NRSV onlyism and other news

I find that quite a few people are announcing their intention of going with the NRSV, now that the NIV/TNIV is in limbo. William Birch and Rod have indicated their allegiance. My kids use the TNIV, and their friends use the NIV - they won't change for now, but I can see myself moving to the NRSV. This means I may be posting more on that translation, looking at ways that it is the same and different from other Bibles.

In other news, I have received the oikodome award from Rachel. How lovely to be getting a pink award. οἰκοδομή - building or edification, the process of building or strengthening. Thanks so much, Rachel. It means a lot to me.

I have also been on the biblioblogs top 50 list for the last two months - just. That comes from the infamous Alexa ratings, and is considered to be a fun thing, of no particular consequence. Well, I am not sure what it means exactly.

Read this post of Rachel's. Lots to think about. Of course, I am always interested in Sydney, since it was the source of much of the complementarian teaching I was exposed to in the last few years. I like Peter Carrell's blog too. He has a pretty sane way of explaining 1 Tim. 2:12,
    (1) on the plain meaning of 1 Timothy 2:11-15, the question is whether any exegete understands the 'plain meaning' because there is vigorous scholarly debate over (a) the meaning of the word, authentein, in 2:12 (to have authority or to usurp authority), and (b) the meaning in 2:15 of 'being kept safe, or being saved through childbirth, or by bearing children, or by bearing The Child.' In my view the difficulties in 2:15 raise the serious question whether the prohibition in 2:12 is not only concerned with female usurpers of authority but also with the content of their teaching as doctrinally unsound because it involved denial of the inherent goodness of our sexuality (see also 1 Timothy 4:3).


Anonymous said...

Sorry for deleting the post to which you linked. I constructed another blog post concerning this whole mess: Doublas Moo: "We Are Proud of the TNIV."

I'm surprised at myself a little. This news actually depressed me immensely for two entire days. No lie. I had no interest in doing much of anything. I was literally depressed.

Though some hope for the NIV 2011 has been granted to me from Moo's comments (about being "proud of the TNIV and what it represented," quoted on my post, and also about the NIV 2011 retaining 95% of the TNIV translation), if this thing goes south in 2011, I'll be joining, if not creating, some sort of NRSV-only club. Will you pledge to join, lol?

God bless.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thanks William,

I enjoyed your interaction on the Desiring God site. I expect to be using the NRSV in the future. I like the TNIV but I was never a commited NIV user, so the NRSV is a better fit for me anyhow.

I do hope that the NIV 2011 will be gender accurate, but I am not that hopeful.

Sam Barry said...

Hi--we appreciate this discussion and posted it on our NRSV Facebook page:


Sam Barry