Sunday, September 06, 2009

Institutional Sexism

There must be a million posts on the TNIV, and a million and a half on the absence of women in the bibliosphere. I am really busy right now, doing all those womanly things, like painting rooms, baking, looking after my kids, and all that, - but here is Rod on this topic,
    On the question of the concept that all antisexist movements are filled with angry, bitter male haters, I can point to an example that Dr. West happily agreed with: the notion that perhaps April DeConick is angry , like all second wave feminists. These images are just not mere pictures; they express a political opinion, the opinion that women have no right to be angry, for sexism, according to the individualistic definition of sin that the faction (explained in the first part of the post) holds. It is advantageous for this particular faction to discredit any theological notion of corporate sin, and therefore discredit the claims of these “angry women and their allies” since institutional sin does not exist. If institutional sins such as institutional sexism does not exist, then DeConick’s claims cannot be explained except for anything but a “conspiracy theory.”

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J.P. vd Giessen said...

You are right in saying "These images are just not mere pictures;", in my article I tried to show the humoristic side of the consternation in the Biblioblog-world. I didn't try to make any difference between male or female writers. In a second post I concluded with: "Everybody is blogging now, but not about they had to do." Ie. writing about the Bible, instead of playing cats &dogs.