Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What is happening to the TNIV

I have had an unusually busy day, so I have been following the news about the TNIV from afar. Apparently the 1984 NIV and the 2005 TNIV will no longer be published. Zondervan will release a new version in this series in 2011.

Mike's blog has a long list of associated links. Thanks Mike.

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G said...

I have not been very fond of the NIV translation, the TNIV was an improvement. It is sad that the TNIV has been so badly misrepresented. I understand Zondervan as a business, just wants to give the market what it wants. Pepsi or Coke is not good for anyone, but it sells well. So it is the work of all of us to together to educate the customers to demand good products. Suzanne, you are a leader in this work and more people are starting to read your blog. Thank you for your work and inspiration.

Romans 16:1 NIV translates diakonos (Phoebe) as servant with a footnote “or deaconess” Eph. 3:7 servant. Rom 16:7 Junias??? TNIV translates Rom. 16:1 diakonos as deacon with a footnote “or servant” Eph 3:7 servant. ESV translates Rom 16:1 deakonos as servant (Phoebe) and Eph 3:7 minister(Paul). Hopefully we can get a better Bible translation than all of this in the future.