Monday, September 07, 2009

Friends of the TNIV

The TNIV is an evangelical translation, I would say, and as such has its best friends among the evangelicals. Here are a list of blogs which love the TNIV,

Aberration Blog
- They’ll get my TNIV only when they pry it from my cold dead fingers!
Just After Sunrise
This Lamp - On a more personal note, I love the TNIV because I am a pastor
New Leaven - unwavering love
συνεσταύρωμαι: living the crucified life - The only Christian public who was refusing the TNIV was you and your cronies
Scripture Zealot
Gentle Wisdom
Eugene Cho
Wesley Report
Jesus Creed
TNIV Truth
Jack of all Trades
Classical Arminianism
Apprentice2Jesus - I have retained the use of the TNIV in preaching,
New Epistles - I am currently reeling from my deep disappointment with this decision.
Emerging Women - since it’s publication have used the TNIV
Tomorrow's Reflection - I was one of the apparently small minority of people that really enjoyed the TNIV
Unrelated Ramblings - The TNIV is the only conservative gender-accurate bible on the market right now and it will be sorely missed
Inquiring Minds - dear old friend
Tim Chesterton -I still think it's one of the best translations of the Bible on the market today.
Sundry Times - will do my own word-of-mouth advertising for it. I will encourage other people to buy it and use it.
Brad Boydston - the TNIV is already the best balanced translation on the American market
Ian Hugh Cary - t’s sad that a good translation is going the way of the buffalo
Headsparks - I have found the TNIV to be a faithful, accurate and scholarly update
Reflections - I love the TNIV. I believe that it is a balanced view of translation and biblical scholarship and also takes out previous gender biases.
Strangers and Aliens - I rather nailed my colours to the mast, pointing out in passing that I have purchased a TNIV and that is going to be my preaching Bible.
Mark Stevens
Disciplus Scripturae
Mark Baker-Wright - my favored translation for some time now

I will keep this post active and add citations as I am able. Please spread the word and I will add more names. If I link to you unadvisedly I will happily remove your name. Thanks for your patience.

Update: This post will have to be followed by a list of scholars who support the TNIV. As well as its own translators, Fee, Waltke and others, I have just read quotes by Wallace, Bock, Carson, Blomberg, Strauss, ...



Sue, thanks for the mention. My latest post would reveal my unwavering love for the TNIV.

Michael F. Bird said...

Suzanne, put me on the list!

Peter Kirk said...

You can add TNIV Truth. But I'm not sure if This Lamp still qualifies, as Rick seems to have withdrawn his endorsement based on his predictions about the 2011 NIV update.

Mike Aubrey said...

me too, me too!

Jack Of All Trades said...

I'm definitely one!

Tom Kelley said...

(Off topic)
Interesting discussion going on here:
Women in Ministry Blog Conference

A.Admin said...

So, now your the cause of my blog hits going up...

...and thank you for the recommendation.

Brian said...

That comment by Grudem was odd - not too much of the Christian public even knew what the TNIV is/was - why? Grudem et al killed it before it got too far out the door with that letter they sent out to the bookstores and such. So, yeah, an odd comment.

Suzanne McCarthy said...


Can you link me to a copy of the letter that Grudem sent out to the bookstores.

R. Mansfield said...

Peter is continuing to misrepresent my position. I still use the TNIV and recommend its use. I'm simply not including it in my very short list of recommends for a primary Bible because it has been given end of life status. This is not based on my "predictions"; nor have I withdrawn endorsement of it.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Hi Rick,

That's what I thought.

Mark Stevens said...

Hi Suzanne, you can add me to the list if you wish.

Thank you,

Mark Stevens

Dan said...


Thank you for the mention. What an honor.

I am hopeful the NIV2011 will be a good one. I keep the TNIV in use, along with my NRSV. If the NIV2011 isn't close, I will probably switch to the NRSV.


Ms. Jack said...

Add me, Sue.


Anonymous said...

Sue, Thanks for including me on your list.

The TNIV is the Bible I read daily and reach for when looking up a passage. I love it!

Anonymous said...

It is my preferred translation also.

Scripture Zealot said...

THank you for putting me on the list. Even though it isn't my favorite translation, I will always defend it from its detractors and really like the improvements from the NIV. Definitely a friend.

Nathan Stitt said...

Feel free to link me as well. TNIV is my primary translation, and has been for some time.

Anonymous said...

Sue, thanks for link! Here is a great quote from Gordon Fee's book "Pauline Christology":

Gordon Fee:
"What the earliest followers of Christ had come to believe, of course, on the basis of his resurrection and ascension, was that the one whom they had known as truly human had himself known prior existence in the "form" of God - not meaning that he was "like God but really not" but that he was characterized by what was essential to being God. It is this understanding that (correctly) lies behind the TNIV's "in very nature God". And it is this singular reality, lying in the emphatic first position as this phrase does, that gives potency to what follows and therefore to the whole." pg 379

CD-Host said...

I'd be happy to consider myself a supporter and when it comes to the political dimensions NQA.

Mark Baker-Wright said...

Yay, TNIV! Sorry to see it go so soon

Christian Scribe said...

This blog touches on the TNIV and other cultural issues: