Friday, September 18, 2009

Here and there

There are actually quite an amazing number of posts from the last few days on gendered language in the scripture.

Kurk has really brought to light for me that the expression "son of man" meant "son of the human" and that is Mary. Mary is the anthropos, the human, that Christ is the son of.

Damien continues to think about feminine language. Alan discusses Carson's book on gender language and the translation of aner. Joel H. writes about Girl things and Boy things. and Peter writes on the value of women, oxen and cows.

There are lots of other interesting conversations going on elsewhere that I wish I could mention, but my time is limited at the moment.

(I do have a bloggy, techy problem, however, if anyone thinks they have a clue how to help me out I would appreciate a note. I have a new blog here, not related to this blog, and although I did choose in the settings to have the blog open to google, I can't google it. It refuses to show up in any search results. Anyone have any idea what's wrong?)


G said...

It sometimes takes a while for the search engines to index your blog. Perhaps it will start showing in another few day.

Ramesh said...

I added your blog to the Google Blog Search here: Add your blog to Blog Search.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thank you. For some reason I still can't google it. Can you?

Suzanne McCarthy said...

I did get it using the URL, so I guess now I will have to put some keywords. Thanks.

J. L. Watts said...

Suzanne, a few backlinks from various pages will help it get there faster. If you notice various links from me popping up, just ignore them.