Sunday, September 06, 2009

Linking to female bibliblogs

April DeConick
Dorothy Peters
Julia O'Brien
Jane Stranz
Cheryl Schatz
Paula Fether
Julie Clawson
Renita Weems
Tia Lynn
Tapestry (15 women)
Singing Owl
Pam BG
Maggie Dawn
Deirdre Richardson
Rebecca Stark
Judy Redman
Karyn Traphagen
Deirdre Good
Helen Ingram
Ros Clarke
Mandy Park
Bridget Jack Meyers

This is a start, forgive me if your blog slipped my mind tonight and comment, please. I have always made a point of reading and linking to women's blogs. I won't say that they have exactly the same focus and the guy's blogs, but they have not been a part of the same community. If someone comes along and says that they have to have a phd or publish a book, let me point to the authors of I don't think they fall into that category either.

I have no idea if any of these women want to belong to the bibliosphere. But there they are - 30 so far.


Anonymous said...

I blog at Hebrew and Greek Reader, and Mandy Park blogs at

Thanks for starting this list!

Anonymous said...

Oh and Karyn Traphagen at

Anonymous said...

Yes, Suzanne!
Thank you for the list.
When I get time, I'm going to start visiting these places.
The only ones I've been to are Cheryl Schatz, Sing Owl, and Paula Fether.
That that still leaves 30 women, including Tonya above and her friends, that I have yet to meet.

Mark Goodacre said...

Thanks for listing these, Suzanne. I have added several to my blogroll. Unfortunately, Dorothy Peters doesn't have an RSS feed.

Don't forget Deirdre Good too, On Not being a sausage. See too Helen Ingram's Omega Course (Helen was my PhD student in Birmingham, and wrote on Magic and Christian Origins).

Michael F. Bird said...

Thanks for this, most helpful.

Henry Neufeld said...

Add Paula Fether, Words of a Fether.

Henry Neufeld said...

Oops! Scanned the list too fast. She was already there.

Cheryl Schatz said...

Thanks for the link Suzanne! Not that this is a big deal but you spelled my name wrong. It should be Cheryl with a "y".

maggi said...

thank you for the link! it's an important issue, thank you for writing about it

believer333 said...

My Blog -

Sorry that I don't use my real name. I've had problems with the original CBMW gang trying to cause me trouble in 'real life' church and home. So I have never used my real last name, and even avoid using real first name except in a rare case.

Kristen said...

Can someone please explain what the "Bibliblog" is? Is it just a list of bloggers about the Bible? Is some level of scholarship a qualification? And why do they have a "top 50" list?

Michael Kruse said...

Another good blog is Alice C. Linsley Just Genesis.

Ramesh said...

The Biblioblog Top 50 > Three New Bibliobloggers – Women, too.
Thank you to April DeConick and her better half, who have spent a great deal of time searching for women who blog on the Bible. Out of the blogs she has provided on her new list, we judged that three contained a substantial degree of biblical studies material, and so we have added them to our biblioblog list. Some of the others will be included in the related blogs section, as containing occasional biblical studies material.

John Hobbins said...

Very nice list, Suzanne.

You might want to add Mandy Park at FloppyHat, and Ros Clarke at Conversational Theology.

You might not be interested in adding non-English blogs, but if you are, I can supply a first list.

Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thanks John, I have added them.

Bridget Jack Meyers said...

Thanks for the link. I'm honored to be included on this list.

Karyn Traphagen said...

Thank you for including me in your list. I appreciate that.

There is just a small correction for my link: my first name should be spelled with a "y" (Karyn). Not a big deal, but just wanted to let you know.

Thanks again!

Mandy said...

Thanks for the link, a helpful list.